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» Agfa :Grand SherpaMatic


Agfa :Grand SherpaMatic

The Agfa :Grand SherpaMatic has adjustable features to fit the needs of many projects; including adjustable paper width to handle up to 50 inches, modes for single or double sided printing, variable resolutions and controllable speeds. The SherpaMatic advanced tumbling system turns the paper for precision accuracy and prevents paper curling; The :Grand SherpaMatic can benefit production environments where both single sided and double sided proofing is needed. It provides premium color contract proofs, high speed imposition proofs, and specialty proofing for packaging applications.

Quality Management Software

Fully-integrated :QMS lets you maintain high-quality proofing standards from proofer-to-proofer in your workflow, from proofer-to-press and for each proofing system over time. You can use the feedback to pinpoint and correct proofing inconsistencies before they cause more severe problems.

Professional color management

:ColorTune Pro software ensures consistent color throughout the workflow. It uses technology-specific mapping algorithms to precisely match the different gamut of output devices, and automatically compensate for variances in color between your monitors, proofers and presses.

Precision media transport

:Grand SherpaMatic's media transport system adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of media from .1 to 1.1 mm-thick for accurate registration. This helps you complete a wider variety projects using the same system.

Remote proofing

The :Grand SherpaMatic's :QMS software system ensures that each :Sherpa engine in a remote location is performing equally to the systems in the main facility. :QMS calibrates each :Sherpa in the workflow to produce the same tonal behavior. This allows you to maintain proofing standards and provide color repeatability from any :Sherpa at any location.

Digital printing capability

:Grand SherpaMatic can help you get the most from your investment, even when you're not proofing. It prints all types of high-quality digital products that you can offer to your existing customers, including photo-reproduction, poster and fine-art printing, POP displays, and much more!

Digital file integrity

Proofing is an important measure of total quality control. The :Grand SherpaMatic uses the :Apogee Proofing RIP, so in an Apogee workflow you are using identical digital interpreters. That means absolute certainty that what you output on your proof is what will image on the plate.

Fully automated double-sided proofing

Using Agfa's patented duplex proofing system the :Grand SherpaMatic allows you to produce either double-sided high quality color content proofs with the 1x7 colors ink configuration or high speed imposition proofs with the 2x4 colors ink configuration.

  • Fast proofing, producing a double-sided 8-up imposition proof in approx. 4 minutes at 360 dpi in 2 x 4 color CMYK mode
  • Produce pre-run job samples on glossy paper to give clients added value in seven color CMYK+LK+LC+LM mode
  • Very high quality due to the drop-on-demand piezo inkjet technology
  • Registration accuracy of 1 mm from front to back over an 8-up imposition
  • Fully integrated in the :ApogeeX workflow
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